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About WUMC

At Winterville United Methodist Church, we strive to be an authentic, loving people who seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We live out this mission by serving persons of all ages, races, and economic status both inside and outside the church through a variety of programs, outreach events, and fellowship opportunities.

What Our Worship Services Are Like ... When We Are Back to "Normal"

The first visit is always the most difficult so we hope to ease some of your concerns by providing a bit of information.

We hold two Sunday morning worship services which are traditional in style but with no choir at 8:45 am.  You can expect to see people of all ages at both services.

Your children are welcome in our worship services. However, if it is your desire to bring them to our Nursery, it is welcoming and well supervised by trained caregivers. The Ushers will be happy to direct you to the nursery area.

The sermon message on Sunday morning is relevant to life today. It comes straight from the Bible. You won't need to walk away from our church service not understanding what the message was all about. The teachings of the Bible are explained in a way that you will find helpful in your efforts to be pleasing to God.

There's no need to feel nervous about what to wear...wear what you want. If you are more comfortable in casual attire, then wear jeans! If you prefer a shirt and tie, then wear a suit! The idea is to feel comfortable as you enjoy the service.

Our visitors are not expected to contribute to our weekly collection until such time as you feel you wish to become an active participant in the programs of our church.

While visiting on our Communion Sundays, you may partake if you like, or if you'd rather not, that's OK, too. However, all are invited.

A time of prayer allows us to offer our praises and requests to God for comfort, for healing, for our country and its leadership, and unspoken requests.

The music is both contemporary and traditional. We have a traditional choir, vocalists, and worship teams and use both instruments and CDs for our music. We encourage people to sing along and to worship in a way that makes you most comfortable. Sit when you want to sit. Stand when you want to stand. And raise your hands if the Spirit moves you!

Until we meet again ... love Jesus, become like Jesus, share Jesus!