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September 6, 2017 “Revelations”

There are those traditions that we experience in our families in growing up—where we go for holidays, what we do for those special events, and what we EAT on those special days!  Certainly there are many traditions that develop around Thanksgiving—including, of course, a huge spread of food with turkey, dressing and gravy, cranberry sauce, and so on and so on!  If ever there is a foretaste of the banquet table of heaven, it’s the family table at Thanksgiving.

When Ken and I got married we realized that we needed to develop some new traditions.  There were parts of traditions from our families of origin that we wanted to hold on to, but we thought it would be fun to develop some new things that would characterize life with our own children.

The idea we came up with?  Well, of course, we decided on a new tradition for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Here it is—corned beef hash browned in a skillet with eggs steamed on top!  Neither Ken nor I had ever eaten corned beef hash and eggs in our families of origin—certainly not on Christmas morning, but somehow it seemed like an important part of the identity of our new family!  I suppose it was a good idea because some of our adult children have now adopted the tradition for their families!

But I digress—somewhere along the way I allowed myself to realize that special things do not have to be reserved for only one time of year.  I realized that since I love turkey and dressing and gravy SO much that I could enjoy it many more times of the year than simply on Thanksgiving Day!

And I realized that since we enjoy corned beef hash and steamed eggs SO much that we could have them ANY time during the year.  It didn’t even have to be BREAKFAST!  We could cook it for a breakfast-at-dinner occasion any time during the year!

But here’s the best part—because turkey and dressing and gravy ORIGINALLY were associated with Thanksgiving—any time we have that special meal it can be a reminder to be thankful!  After all, shouldn’t we be thankful EVERY day of our lives for all the blessings God sends our way?  And in the same way, every time that we eat corned beef hash and steamed eggs we can be reminded of Christmas and God’s great gift to humankind.  It can be a little bit of Christmas whether September, March or November! 

By the way, we had corned beef hash and steamed eggs for breakfast this morning!  “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!”  Thanks be to God!

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