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Novmeber 26, 2017 "Watch and Wait"

November 27, 2017


The Advent season comes to us with two invitations—watch and wait.  I confess, however, that I am innately good at neither! 


“Watch this!  Watch this!” say my grandchildren as they point to their tablets, but often I get distracted and miss the pivotal moment that had mesmerized them!  I have deep conversations with myself before any occasion that likely will produce waiting—trips to the grocery store at holiday times, visits to various doctor appointments.  I tell myself that I can use the time to relax from other efforts like working at my computer desk and that as a result I will be better for the wait.  At other times I convince myself of the wisdom of taking a project along with me.  I can crochet or smock or hem a dress so that I actually accomplish something while I sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  Yet, truth-be-told, I still often wind up frustrated and ready to move ahead—on to the next thing to claim my attention for the day!


When I approach the Christmas story the thing that nags at me is asking, “What about me?” with regard to the story.  What if I had been a shepherd invited to come to the manger to see this thing that the Lord has made come to pass?  What if I had been a Wise Man living in a far country invited to follow a star, to risk life and limb in order to come and worship Him?  Would I have let go of other things that might have claimed my time and attention?  Would I have made a place in the grand scheme of my life so that I could come and behold his glory, or would I have been too busy, too preoccupied with other concerns to make the journey?


My prayer?  “Lord, help me during this Advent season to watch and wait.  Help me to watch as shepherds and Wise Men watched for him long, long ago.  Help me to wait in such a way that his peace and calm flows over me.  Help me, even as news in the world is dark and discouraging, to feel the sense of hope that only a Christ Child can impart.”



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Thank you for the reminder to "Watch and Wait". I hope to be at early service Sunday doing both.

"Joy to the world.
All the boys and girls,
Joy to the fishes
in the deep blue sea,
Joy to you and me." ---A song from the 60's or was it the 70's?

But of course, you are on target as usual... "Joy to the world, the Lord is come."

Love your last paragraph and your point that we need an up-close-and- personal relationship with God. Too often it doesn't happen and we miss all that the Lord has for us. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person on June 24. Thank you in advance for your ministry to our family.

Smile!! I appreciate your challenges to focus on spiritual growth and substance. Thank you.