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Sunday, July 19th at 10:30 AM

A NEW 5- Week Sermon Series for anyone seeking “Community”

How do we find community during a time when we are separated by distance, disease, and discord?

The physical church has provided a place of sanctuary, renewal, and fellowship for many, but now we face the challenge of separation from the community we once knew. Still, others are seeking the community that the church at its best can provide. We live in a time of distraction and discord. So many things, many of them important, have taken on a sense of urgency that has left us angry, anxious and exhausted, distrustful, and often indignant toward those whose experience differs from our own. We need a whole lot more Jesus, but where to find Him? The Apostle Paul wrote from a distance to a fractured first-century church in Corinth; a church he helped start. In his second letter, 2 Corinthians, he sought to promote unity and encourage them to refocus on the common purpose they had in Christ. Each week during this five-week series we will look at a major theme of his letter and how it can help us to re-center ourselves and recover the uncommon unity that binds us to Christ, to each other, and the world.

In this series we will cover:

  • The consolation we receive from God and give to others from 2 Corinthians 1:1-11
  • The importance of forgiveness 2 Cor 2:1-10
  • The treasure of the gospel within us 2 Cor 4:1-18 Faith versus sight 2 Cor 5:1-21
  • Genuine generosity 2 Cor 8:1-15

 This series will be Live-streamed on Facebook each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM and in the sanctuary when we resume worship services.