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Music & Drama

Music & Drama Minister:  Tom Bouknecht

Choir Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings during the summer, 7:00 p.m.

Winterville United Methodist Church has a very active music & drama ministry. There are several different groups to choose from that give all ages the opportunity to participate.


Just a reminder; choir is on Wednesdays at 7 and we would love to have you join us in the fun and learning music that praises God.



Positions Open: In soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Section. No others need apply.
Physical Qualifications: Must be able to carry light musical notes part way across the church. Must have good vision to see director 20 ft. away.
Experience: No applications accepted from persons who not at one time sung, hummed, or whistled in the shower.
Beginning Wages: Guaranteed satisfaction and joy in the service of the Lord.
Advancement Opportunity: Members who demonstrate ability and courage might sing a solo sometime.
Fringe Benefits: Social Security--We promise you the security of Social Fellowship with other fine members of the choir.
Hours: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings for practice, and on Sunday mornings for Services. Occasionally, there may be opportunities for overtime.
Retirement: After your voice reaches the place where it can hit two notes at once you may sit in the congregation and listen to others use their God-given talents.

Music Opportunities:

Worship Team
Solos, Duets, Groups
Special Events
Services of praise & worship