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Group Activities of the Church

We would love an opportunity to meet with you and help you to feel welcome and at home at the Winterville United Methodist Church.  We are happy to assist you in becoming familiar with our church and its programs.  If you are looking for a place to fit in and serve, please check out our ministries below.


Food Services

Wednesday Night Suppers have been a very successful family-oriented evening of delicious food, devotion, ministry, and entertainment. We welcome everyone to join us at 6 p.m. Wednesday evenings!

The Kitchen Committee consists of four groups of four people each - one group per Wednesday night. We have three alternates from which to choose when needed. The Chairperson is responsible for keeping on hand a supply of plates, cups, utensils, etc for kitchen use.

The cost is $6.00 for adults and Free for children 12 and under.

Please make a new reservation, whether it be for one night, or as a standing reservation. The forms are on the tables in the sanctuary or you may call the church office.  It is very important that reservations for supper be made by Monday before 1 pm. This is so the person buying the supplies, usually on Tuesday, knows how many to prepare for.

There will be NO TAKEOUTS, except in case of illness at the last minute. These meals are prepared for fellowship at church -- not as a convenience.

Food Service Opportunities:

Wednesday Night Suppers
Covered Dish meals
Special Events

Contact Henrietta Tucker for more information


Music & Drama


Just a reminder; choir is on Wednesdays at 7 and we would love to have you join us in the fun and learning music that praises God.

Also, if you would be interested in helping out in the sound room, learning how to run the system and helping Henrietta, please let me know.  It's    always nice to have several people that are trained in this so that it is not a burden on one.

In Christ,



Choir Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings during the summer, 7:00 p.m., 7:15-8:30 in the fall.

Winterville United Methodist Church has a very active music & drama ministry. There are several different groups to choose from that give all ages the opportunity to participate.

The Adult Choir meets on Wednesday nights and in addition to providing anthems each Sunday, also performs a major musical or musical/drama at Christmas, and has enjoyed doing dinner theaters on several occasions. They also have done an interactive mystery dinner theater that provided great humorous entertainment. They plan to do another in the coming year. Solo and ensemble work within this organization is encouraged and as a result, has blessed the congregation many times.

We are sure that all those involved in the music ministry are blessed by the experience and that it is all pleasing in God's eye.


Positions Open: In soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Section. No others need apply.
Physical Qualifications: Must be able to carry light musical notes part way across the church. Must have good vision to see director 20 ft. away.
Experience: No applications accepted from persons who not at one time sung, hummed, or whistled in the shower.
Beginning Wages: Guaranteed satisfaction and joy in the service of the Lord.
Advancement Opportunity: Members who demonstrate ability and courage might sing a solo sometime.
Fringe Benefits: Social Security--We promise you the security of Social Fellowship with other fine members of the choir.
Hours: 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings for practice, and on Sunday mornings for Services. Occasionally, there may be opportunities for overtime.
Retirement: After your voice reaches the place where it can hit two notes at once you may sit in the congregation and listen to others use their God-given talents.

Music Opportunities:

Worship Team
Solos, Duets, Groups
Bell choir
Special Events
Services of praise & worship

Outreach & Missions

Community Events:

City of Winterville Annual Events

Winterville UMC Sponsored Annual Community Events

C A N (Cancer Assistance Network)   We provide for individuals and families of loved ones who have cancer. Learn more about our Cancer Assistance Network

Congregational Care

Mission Trips


Laissez le Bon Temp Roulette or Let The Good Times Roll!

Well, we are off to a running start with our Outreach Ministry.

But first I want to thank everyone that participated in any way in our Successful Caroling Night. If you were not able to attend, I am sorry and you were truly missed. I know that this years will be just as much if not more fun.

There has been white smoke coming from the Old ears of mine which means either Outreach Ministry calendar is close to finalization or my hearing aids have caught fire….either way here is a summary of what has been proposed and tentatively scheduled:

February - First up and coming up soon is a “You Are Still My Valentine Movie/Date Night” There is an invitation is this newsletter, plus we will send out reminders. Come out on Saturday, Feb. 16th bring your favorite take-out and enjoy some dessert and a movie on us. We will provide a nursery if needed. They will have their own movie and snacks.  We must have RSVP in by Thursday Feb. 14th. Call or email Kristy.

April – Stamp It Done Tax Day – Monday, April 15th   - We will tentatively be at Winterville and Colbert post office locations equipped with lemonade, cookies and a stamp for those procrastinators like me. More details will be forthcoming as the date draws near.

Again, thank you to all of my church family for the always present support and love.

Sincerely from the always grateful,



Mission News

This is mainly about the children Mrs. Joan Derda, her husband, and my wife Nancy and I are sponsoring.  But it gives a good overview of how most of our sponsored children live.  I will be working on a video next week on the preaching and singing and worship services we experienced and should be sending it out next week. 




We can be involved in missions anywhere in the world from our homes. Our prayer can have a vital impact on the mission of Christ. Pray for an area of the world to receive the gospel or choose a missionary or ministry that is bringing Christ’s light. The UMC Global Mission website has a list of United Methodist missionaries all over the world. Their website is

Another way to be involved is to follow Salvadoran Mission Projects on Facebook. The North GA UMC conference works with this mission outreach in supporting the work of twelve UMC churches in El Salvador, which is the mission bridge country for Winterville United Methodist Church. Praying for these churches and expressing your support on their page can encourage Christians in El Salvador and also those go to El Salvador to serve.

Thank you,




Winterville United Methodist Church Recycles!

Save Aluminum Cans - Please drop them off outside the fellowship hall in plastic bags. All proceeds go directly into the Building Fund.

Children & Youth Fundraiser - We have an ongoing cell phone and inkjet cartridge recycling fundraising drive to benefit our Children & Youth programs. There’s nothing to buy. We are simply asking everyone to safeguard the environment by donating their old digital cell phones and used printer ink cartridges. The tax deductible cell phones and ink cartridge donations will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations or refurbished and sold.

Other qualifying items:
  Inkjet Cartridges 
  • Only digital phones will be accepted (no walkie-talkies, two-way radios, pagers, PDA’s, cordless home phones, mock display units, analog phones, or “bag” phones).  No manuals or accessories will be accepted.  Damaged phones are OK.
  • Printer ink cartridges must not be damaged; I.e. cartridge case, circuitry and print head must not be broken.  Use zip lock bags to individually wrap each cartridge. Laser & toner cartridges are also now accepted.
 We also accept the additional items for recycling:
  • cellphones
  • radar detectors (Escort, Beltronics, Cobra)
  • laptop computers
  • MP3 players (Microsoft Zune, Creative & Sandisk)
  • digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital frames
  • electronic book readers (Kindle, Sony)
  • GPS devices (Garmin, Mio, Magellan, TomTom)
  • Portable DVD players
  • Handheld game systems
  • Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry (even broken jewelry)
Download a printable poster to attach to a box, which can be placed in your office or other place of employment, school, church, etc. for collecting cell phones and ink cartridges.  Once filled or have at least 20 cartridges, please deliver it to the office at Winterville UMC.

100% of the proceeds will go toward our mission projects.  A receipt for tax deductible purposes will be provided for those who request one.  Please email requests for a receipt, or if you have any questions.

Technical Support

There are many opportunities for you to contribute to our church website. This is more than a website, it's a web ministry. Opportunities for you to get involved include writing, editing, photography, website checkers, pray-ers, and more. If you're interested in getting involved, contact the Web Servant, and we'll be happy to find a role that best matches your gifts and your availability.

Audio Team
Someone is available at the 11 a.m. service to tape and monitor the sound system during the worship service.

Technical Opportunities:
Video team
Sound team
Stage light

United Methodist Men

 altMen of all ages are invited to be a part of this growing group that meets the THIRD Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at our Fellowship Hall.   There will be a devotional or Bible study and business meeting.

Upcoming Events


UM Men will meet on Thursday, February 21st at 6:30 pm at Locos in the Green Acres Sopping Center with Blake Giles as our guest speaker.

We will be helping with the Sun Rise Breakfast on April 21st. 



Tool Box Ministry

A Tool Box Ministry for anyone needing a small job done around the house, please call the church office at 706-742-2445.

Men's Group Opportunities
Bible Study
Mission Project

Fish Fry   - November 1, 2019 - 5:30 - 7 pm.                                                          

Chicken BBQ   - July 19, 2019 - 5:30 - 7 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


United Methodist Women

altFellowship of the United Methodist Women meet on the SECOND Tuesday at 7 p.m. of every month for a time of devotions, general business discussions, mission projects, fun activities, and refreshments. All ladies of the church are invited to participate.  Please contact the church for more information.

The United Methodist Women (UMW) met on November 13 and had our Installation of Officers for the coming year.


The 2019 officers are:

President-Terrie Seagraves

Vice President-Amanda McCabe

Secretary-Debbie Tolbert

Treasurer-Judy Aldridge



The United Methodist Women met in January and

began making plans for our year! Did you know the United Methodist Women are celebrating their 150th Birthday this year? On March 23, 1869, in Boston, Massachusetts, Clementina Butler and Lois Parker informed six women members of the Methodist Episcopal Church about the desperate health care and educational needs of women in India. Their Call to Action raised funds to send Isabella Thoburn, a teacher, and Clara Swain, a doctor, to India. The meeting in March led to the formation of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society, the first of many Methodist women’s mission organizations to address the injustices imposed on women and girls in the 19th century. United Methodist Women is their successor, and we celebrate 150 years of changing the lives of women, children and youth.

We hope to have some special events throughout the year to celebrate the 150th birthday of United Methodist Women. 

Our next meeting is Tuesday, February 12. Nancy Beery will be our hostess, and we will meet at the church at 7 pm. We would love to have you join us for fellowship. 




Group Opportunities:

Our Daily Bread
Mission Projects
Devotional Lessons
Book Reading
Fun activities



Our Sunday mornings begin at 8:45 AM with worship in our sanctuary. 

Our 11:00 AM worship and is more traditional in style also in our sanctuary. You can expect to see people of all ages.

You won't walk away from our church services not understanding what the message was all about. The teachings of the Bible are explained in a way that you will find helpful in your efforts to be pleasing to God.
There's no need to feel nervous about what to wear...wear what you want. If you are more comfortable in casual attire, then wear jeans! If you prefer a shirt and tie, then wear a suit! The idea is to feel comfortable as you enjoy the service.

Our visitors are not expected to contribute to our weekly collection until such time as you feel you wish to become an active participant in the programs of our church.

While visiting on our Communion Sunday (1st Sunday of each month) you may partake if you like, or if you'd rather not, that's OK, too.

A time of prayer allows us to offer our praises and requests to God for comfort, for healing, for our country and its leadership, and unspoken requests.

The music is both contemporary and traditional. We have a traditional choir, vocalists, and worship teams and use both instruments and CD's for our music. We encourage people to sing along and to worship in a way that makes you most comfortable. Sit when you want to sit. Stand when you want to stand. And raise or clap your hands if the Spirit moves you!

Anyone who wishes to become a member may go up to the altar during the last verse of the hymn where the pastor will meet them. A simple ceremony will take place welcoming the person into the membership. You may decide first to meet with Rev. John for counseling.

Worship Opportunities:

Service of praise & worship
Sunrise Service
Easter Worship

Veteran's Worship
Thanksgiving Worship

Christmas Eve Worship
Christmas Worship
Biblical preaching
Special Events
Communion Table
Bible Study

Live Nativity


Young At Heart

Currently, we have a "Young At Heart" group (ages 55+) that gets together once a month for an outing and fellowship time.  Bus transportation available for most outings. See the bulletin board for sign up sheets for our events.


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New years Eve. First, we wish to thank everyone for their donation to St. Jude hospital in our name. It means more than you can imagine.

February 5th at 8 am we will start a packed day trip. From Stone Mountain pecan, antique browsing and Morgan County museum. We’ll lunch in Rutledge. Signup sheet is in the hallway.  Cost is $12 with lunch on your own. Need a head count by January 30th.

Charley & Linda


Young At Heart Branson Trip Videos