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NEW 5-Week Sermon Series “Living Prayer”

Sundays at 10:30 am beginning 6/14 on Facebook Live 

Growing as a disciple, we understand that prayer is essential to our lives, but seldom hear how we might go about it. Yet there is a vast wealth of teaching and practice available that can help us.

We know that prayer is essential to our lives as Christians. Jesus prayed regularly and gave instructions to His disciples to do the same. The Apostle Paul urged believers to “pray without ceasing.” However, we seldom talk about how to pray. 

In this series, we will look at prayer in the Bible, as well as, explore some of our rich Christian prayer traditions. You might be just getting started and feel unsure or overwhelmed. Maybe you once had a vital prayer practice that has since gone flat. You may have thought, “With all that’s going on in the world, is God really listening to me?” Or perhaps you just want to learn more about this vital spiritual practice to keep things fresh.

This five-week sermon series is for all of us starting, re-starting, or continuing the practice of prayer and who long for confidence, freshness, and connection when we pray. All of the series will be broadcast on Facebook Live   ( Some weeks may also be heard at our in-person services when we resume them. You will discover that there are many ways that Christians have prayed throughout the history of our faith. In addition to teaching and providing examples, the Bible offers great words of encouragement when we struggle, too.

In this sermon series we will address:

  1. Why pray?
  2. Mining the prayer treasures of the Bible
  3. How to know that our prayers are heard
  4. When words get in the way
  5. Keeping our prayer practice fresh.

This sermon series will feature:

  • A five-week sermon series
  • Live-streaming Sunday mornings, and in-person when we resume
  • Your questions on prayer addressed by the pastor
  • Prayer practices to try and other resources

“Living On a Prayer” is a five-week sermon series for everyone who longs to experience confidence, freshness, and connection to God when they pray. Whether you are just starting, re-starting, or continuing, you will find tools and teaching to encourage and enrich your prayer practice.

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