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Rethink Church

Looking for a place to feel welcome? You found it! Winterville United Methodist Church is here for you. We are an active small-town church just minutes from the city of Athens, Georgia. It is a place where people can feel comfortable and has groups for people of all ages and all needs.

We do our best to make people feel welcome, and our warm atmosphere makes the Winterville United Methodist Church a place to which people enjoy coming. It is a place where people are loved, wanted and needed. We're all about relationships...with God and with people.

At Winterville United Methodist Church, you can find a place to call home. Though we aren't perfect, we serve a loving God who accepts us as we are and invites us to discover abundant life through Him. Come and be loved!

WUMC Rev. John Merk 1-5-2020 pt 1

WUMC Rev. John Merk 1-5-20 Pt 2

WUMC Rev. John Merk 1-5-20 Pt 3

WUMC Rev. John Merk 12-29-19 Pt 1

WUMC Rev. John Merk 12-29-19 Pt 2

WUMC Choir 12-29-19

WUMC The Bouknecht Duet & Alex 12-29-19

WUMC 12-22-2019 Prelude with Tom Bouknecht & Donna Rosenberger

WUMC Rev. John Merk 12-22-2019

WUMC Cantata 12-22-2019 pt 1

WUMC Cantata 12-22-2019 pt 2

WUMC Cantata 12-22-2019 pt 3



Thank You Charley & Linda for your service. We will miss your outings.





Community Organizations

American Legion meets 4th Tuesday each month in the fellowship hall at 6:30 p.m.


Girl Scout Night.  Meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 6:00-7:15 pm.

All girls in grades K through 8th are invited. They meet each week in the Friendship Room.

Troop leaders can be reached at (706) 540-1820 for Jessica and at (706) 436-5798 for Lauren.