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November 7, 2016 “Have a Picnic”

My birthday is just around the corner, and as my birthday approaches I always begin thinking about how I’d like to spend my time—about some of the things I’d like to do to celebrate.  I am at the age, of course, when there are things much more important than gifts to unwrap, and most of those involve having good times, doing fun things with special friends and family.

Obviously I’m not a summertime birthday person.  By November 17 the weather in Georgia normally has cooled off considerably.  But I am a summertime person in terms of one of my favorite things to do!  I love, love, love picnics!

I can remember one November when I decided that something I really wanted to do during my birthday month was to go on a picnic on Sunday after church.  I made great food.  We went to church and on to our picnic site, but even the bravest of souls could only manage to stay at the picnic table long enough to gobble down a very few bites of food!  

My family always says, “Never let Shirley plan a picnic because you can be sure that whenever she does the weather will be horrible—cold, rainy, windy or some combination thereof!”  I think they might have over-stated that just a bit; yet, I can think of a time in August—August when it’s supposed to be sunny and 95 degrees—that Ken and I ate fried chicken and enjoyed the view from Brasstown Bald sitting in the car as opposed to from the picnic table!

Sometimes we simply find ourselves—summertime people living in a wintertime world.  And sometimes we plant ourselves in summertime surroundings only to have winter intrude on our existence!  So what do we do?  Have a picnic ANYWAY!

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