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February 20, 2017 “Time to Clean Out the Basement”

We are moving along with the decades-long renovation of our old house, but upon reaching the state of completion that currently exists we must pause, take stock of what remains to be done, and establish next steps.  As we pause we realize that we now are in the state where we need closet space—space for clothes and shoes and sweaters that we wear every day--but there is a problem.  Until now closets have mostly served to store tools, wood purchased at the local Lowe’s, moldings that have been removed but not reinstalled.  All the items stored in the closets are important items.  We cannot throw them away.  They will serve a purpose at a later stage of our renovation, but for now they need to find a new home so that the closets may serve their designated purpose!


What can we do?  The thought pops into our minds that comes so very frequently for folks wondering where to put things in their homes, “Why not move all this stuff to the basement?”  Keep in mind that in your home it might be the attic or the garage; the same principal applies.


Yes, why not move all this stuff to the basement?  There’s one small problem.  Our basement looks like the typical basement belonging to anyone who hasn’t done a recent cleaning-out process.  Broken chairs cast aside with the intention of sooner or later getting them fixed, camping supplies held over from the last camping trip two decades ago, spare parts for items that have long ago been sent to the trash heap—all these wind up in our basements or attics or garages! 


Here's what we realize--until we get rid of the junk there’s no room for the good stuff!  A thorough, radical cleaning is the only thing that will help!


Jesus speaks volumes about thorough and radical kinds of cleaning, but for him the topic under discussion is not basements or attics or garages.  Instead the topic under discussion is our hearts and our lives.  Until we turn our hearts and lives over to God and allow God to do the thorough and radical kind of cleaning that is so desperately needed, there is no room for the good stuff—no room to fully experience God’s love, no room to fully connect with the people around us in the fullness of God’s love!  As we begin to ponder spring cleaning, may we also remember God’s calling to the cleaning—the washing white as snow—of our spiritual lives!



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