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April 10, 2017 “Give Thanks”

It was a beautiful day—a bit of a nip in the air but beautiful nonetheless.  The work—if you want to call it work—began early in the day.  Adults, volunteers from the life of faith, gathered on the church lawn.  Tubs and bags held their bounty—candy-filled eggs to be strewn around the playground and the various sections of lawn flanking the church.  Before long the church yard looked as though a plane had flown over and spread the eggs in all the colors of the rainbow so thickly that it was almost impossible to walk without crushing one of the treasures.

Soon “eggspectant” (excuse the pun) children, their parents, and grandparents showed up for the fun.  They sat first with an adult-sized Easter bunny on the steps of the church.  For a time there was a reprieve from eggs and Easter bunny themes despite the fact that they sat on the Easter bunny’s lap or scooted as close to her as they could get.  The reprieve came in the form of a story—the true meaning of Easter.

The children knew well the story handed down generation after generation from the time of Christ.  They could answer all the questions.  They seemed to feel the sense of hope and anticipation just ahead on Easter Day.  They understood the connection between empty plastic eggs and an empty tomb as Jesus came forth out of the grave!

Today I give thanks for the life of faith.  I applaud and celebrate adults who will give of their time on busy weekends to create special moments in the lives of children.  I give thanks for the hearts of children that are open and receptive to the old, old story.  I give thanks for Christ willing to go to the cross and for God’s redemptive power to raise him to life on the third day! 

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